We excel in situations where we are able to design spaces and content for immersive environmental experiences.

As trained illustrators we specialise in telling stories and weaving narratives into content that has been designed to entertain and inform.

We have in-house ability to mock-up, test, simulate, and calibrate of real-time forms of content (such as interactive, generative, data- prompted, sensor-triggered, and digital capture technologies). We also possess experience utilising sensors to trigger user-generated or user-responsive content, including optical, gestural, or movement-based activation.

We utilise web technologies (including webGL) as well as real time software platforms such as Unreal Engine, Notch and Touchdesigner to create compelling interactive experiences, virtual worlds and data visualisations.

These data visualisations can be utilised in a number of mediums - exported to be shared on social media platforms and embedded on websites to support e-commerce.

We are also able to unify both real-time graphic effects and captured video, together with lighting design, to create unique installations for one-off site specific usages.

LinkedIn Talent Intelligence Experience
LinkedIn Talent Intelligence Experience
Interactive Kiosk
Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Applications & Installations

Installations invite visitors to experience unique moments whilst they interact with the digital environment around them. Interactive and sculptural, these atmospheric installations offer engaging ways to present visual data & campaign messages.

We use visual effects, 3D animation, and cinematic techniques to bring stories and ideas to life in physical and interactive environments.

AR in Broadcast
AR in Broadcast
Location Based AR
Location Based AR

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is on the rise and all you need is a phone to step through the looking glass. We can design and build playful and wondrous interactions that bring the digital realm into our reality.

Using interactive mixed-reality experiences drives user engagement and promotes educational participation by immersing users in powerful, localised visual stories.

We utilise industry leading 3D software to service growing client demands for augmented real-time graphics in live broadcast scenarios.

We can devise intricate 3D animations to be superimposed on a live broadcast feed in real time. We magically sync the real world camera to the virtual camera to create the seamless illusion.

This opens up the possibility for exciting interactions and educational messaging using 3D animations and world-building.

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We love working with clients and partners to realise ambitious, creative and memorable experiences. Get in touch to discuss your project.

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Interactive Projects

Lenovo Hero 01
Lenovo: Meet your digital self
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NBA All Star 2024
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BMW Park: FC Bayern Munich Basketball
FIBA U19 Women's World Cup
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Visa: Masters Of Movement
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Pose XR
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Chicago Architecture Center
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LinkedIn Talent Intelligence Experience
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Nike Rise 2.0

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We love working with clients and partners to realise ambitious, creative and memorable experiences.

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