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Munich, September 2023

BMW Park: FC Bayern Munich Basketball

Innovative Partnership for a New Era

In our collaboration with BMW Munich and FC Bayern Munich Basketball, we aimed to fulfill three ambitions: sporting excellence, social involvement, and an unmatched spectator experience. The launch of the Bundesliga season at BMW Park marked a significant milestone in this partnership, showcasing a pioneering venture in sports technology and fan engagement.

Transforming the Game with Groundbreaking Technology

The heart of this project was the unveiling of a cutting-edge video sports floor, a revolutionary advancement developed by ASB GlassFloor in Bavaria. This innovative floor transformed the traditional basketball game into an immersive visual spectacle, capable of displaying dynamic, visually striking graphics and real-time game data across its expanse, enhancing the fan experience to unprecedented levels.

A New Dimension in Sports Presentation

The deployment of this high-tech floor at the BMW Park brought a futuristic dimension to the basketball league, setting new benchmarks in sports presentation and viewer engagement. It not only honored the triumphant return of the world champions but also served as a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in content production.

Pioneering a Premium Spectator Experience

Our initiative with BMW for the FC Bayern Munich Basketball opening match underscored our dedication to pushing the boundaries of live sports experiences. The seamless integration of real-time data and stunning visual effects on the video sports floor exemplified how technology can elevate the game, offering fans a unique and immersive viewing experience.

At dandelion + burdock, we take pride in our ability to blend technology with creativity to produce extraordinary experiences. The high-tech video sports floor project for the BMW Park Bundesliga opener is a reflection of our commitment to innovation and our ability to transform the spectator experience in sports. We are thrilled to have been a part of this groundbreaking project, marking a new chapter in sports entertainment.

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