Madrid, July 2023

FIBA U19 Women's World Cup

The future of indoor sports is being redefined through the integration of professional LED glass sports flooring, offering a groundbreaking approach to enhancing live viewership and the performance of professional teams and young players alike. This innovative technology is at the forefront of athletic advancement, prioritising the core values of sport while incorporating cutting-edge technologies, media, and entertainment to add significant value.

World Cup 2023

Introduced for the very first time at an official FIBA competition, the state-of-the-art court is a full video floor allowing for interactive applications. dandelion + burdock produced content for the showcase as well as all interactive content.

Interactive Innovation Adds Dimension to the Game

At the heart of this revolution is an advanced interactive layer capable of integrating data from various sources, including player tracking systems, sports and health data platforms, and coaching applications. This system serves as a central hub for processing real-time data and converting it into visually captivating and informative graphics, which are displayed directly on the glass sports floor. This seamless integration with LED boards and video cubes offers real-time, contextual overlays that provide valuable insights to spectators, athletes, or coaches. The result is an unmatched level of engagement and value for athletes, clubs, associations, sponsors, and, most importantly, fans.

The Future of Sport Marketing

The synergy between the innovative LED flooring technology and marketing strategies opens up limitless marketing possibilities. Dynamic sponsorship placements, interactive half-time shows, and augmented reality experiences can significantly enhance fan engagement and create viral moments. This technology ensures that sponsors and advertisers gain unprecedented visibility, capturing the attention of both live spectators and TV viewers.





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