Virtual Worlds

XR & Virtual Production

Extended Reality is a next-generation workflow for broadcast, education and live event production that opens up magical opportunities to tell engaging stories in emotionally connected ways.

Feasibility & Planning

AV Workflow

We partner with clients to establish the technical feasibility of creative visions. A workflow, in short, is a transfer of creative ideas and stage designs to animation and visual effects templates.

Award Winning Digital Experiences


Using a variety of technologies we can add an interactive layer to digital experiences or physical spaces. These can include web applications, live events, trade shows and visitor installations in museums or public spaces.

Memorable Experiences

Broadcast & Live Events

A creative and engaging event enables you to connect with a global audience. We have experience creating content for live entertainment productions, conferences and show content for broadcast worldwide.

Next Generation Spaces

Fixed Installs

Fixed installations visually enhance public spaces and environments and create spectacular moments. We excel in situations where we are able to design spaces and content for these immersive experiences.

Innovation & Technology

Digital Fashion

We can realise fashion in a variety of digital realities whether it's virtual, augmented or in the real-world. These creations can then be interacted with, live-streamed, embedded in e-commerce sites, or even used for in-store retail experiences.


Projection Mapping

We turn landmarks, buildings, cars, scenic elements, concert halls and event spaces - into incredible animated displays. Using video- projection, we can bring any surface to life.

Visualise With Precision

Scanning & Reality Capture

Create virtual reality scenes, textured 3D meshes, orthographic projections, motion capture data and Previz models.

Custom Applications

Software Development

We work with you to build comprehensive, thoughtful, and purpose-driven digital experiences and custom applications.

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