Creative Services

With an emphasis on live events, content creation, and interactive installations, we specialize in designing better experiences by combining creativity and technology.

Creative Concepts

Working with a brief we create concepts that capture your audience’s interest, influences their emotional response and inspires them to take action. Concepts can be developed into style frames, storyboards and previsualizations.

3D Animation

Our dedicated team of 3D artists and animators work hard to provide spectacular results for your three dimensional projects. We have experience creating detailed product animations, full entertainment productions and show content that is played around the world.

Motion Graphics

We use visual effects, animation, and cinematic techniques to bring designs and ideas to life. These can include title sequences and interstitials for broadcast or screen graphics for events.

Real Time Animation

We work with real time engines to create mind-blowing motion graphics, interactive and generative content, as well as live video effects. It’s the perfect solution for artistic installations.


Using a variety of technologies we can add an interactive layer to digital experiences in physical spaces - live events, trade shows and visitor installations.

Projection Mapping

We turn landmarks, buildings, cars, scenic elements, concert halls and event spaces - into incredible animated displays. Using video-projection, we can bring any surface to life.

Technical Services

We explore the boundaries of technology to create impactful and engaging experiences.


Our initial research can include a site visit, the suitability of location (audience size, audience location, projector positioning), analysing 3D models, identifying hardware required and finally, obtaining a quote from one of our AV partners.

Project Setup & Workflow

Our expert team works to establish the creative and technical parameters of your project. By determining the logistics of the hardware well in advance we can ensure your project is a success.

Screens Production

We provide an essential bridge point between the creative content production team and the technical engineering of video playback and signal flow. This bridge is crucial to ensure optimal and efficient results.

Laser Scanning

We use top of the range LIDAR scanners to create digital 3-D representations of your scenes or subjects. These machines capture dense, accurate models that we can then use for previsualization and projection. We offer two types of scanning services as well as full retopology resulting in content templates. Contact us to book an appointment.


Using your scenic data we can create Previz projects so we can help you conceive, plan and visualise your project in a real-time 3D environment. These projects can be shared easily for review and approval.

Sequencing & Programming

Our technical team can provide assistance with managing your content during pre-production as well as on site. Working with producers, creative teams and technical managers we will structure and sequence your production so it’s ready for playback.

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