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dandelion + burdock is a digital design and technology company with a unique constellation of specialised departments: animation & motion graphics, web & interactive, and experiential events. We actively seek projects that integrate these three disciplines and we excel at creating unprecedented solutions to complex technical problems in special event scenarios.

We are one of the foremost leaders and pioneers in projection mapping - the art of projecting onto 3d surfaces such as buildings, cars, models, caves, etc. We have projected content onto some of the world's most iconic structures, including Buckingham Palace, The Guggenheim Museum, and the Hoover Dam.

We are a small dedicated group of creatives and technical experts. We like it this way because it allows us to communicate openly as a team, integrate easily into existing client workflows and get things done in the shortest possible time.

The Partners

Nils Porrmann
Nils Porrmann
Niall Thompson
Niall Thompson
Dickon Knowles
Dickon Knowles
Technical Director

Nils Porrmann

Having worked on many of the most impressive projection mapping projects internationally, on some of the world’s most iconic buildings, Nils is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced technical managers for large scale projection in the industry. Nils’ attention to detail, as well as his unique and thorough technical approach, ensure that projects he is involved with are always perfectly executed.

Managing Director

Niall Thompson

Niall operates in the space where digital strategy meets design. This broad perspective, combined with his knowledge of innovative technology, make him an important resource on complex digital projects. Having designed, developed and managed over 150 live events and interactive projects to date (including projects for Legoland, Fitbit and Nike), Niall has the relevant experience to deliver a successful, well-engineered, and future-proof digital project.

Head of Animation & Motion Graphics

Dickon Knowles

Dickon has produced animations for Land Rover, Swarovski, Red Bull, Fitbit, NBC, Volkswagen, Little Mix, X Factor among many other influential brands. A wicked motion graphics artist with a background in music production, Dickon became a partner in 2015 and leads the 2d and 3d animation team.

Head of Interactive

Ivaylo Getov

Ivaylo is a creative technologist who works with artists, institutions and brands to enable unique public experiences that surprise and delight audiences. In his work he explores how technology and storytelling can come together in unexpected ways to bring people together into shared narrative experiences outside the confines of a screening room or device.

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