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AV Workflow

A workflow, in short, is a transfer of creative ideas and stage designs to animation and visual effects templates. This can range from projecting onto moving cars, mapping content to the tallest buildings or devising interactive installations. Typically this is a set of instructions to different stakeholders in the design process to ensure the best results.

We have more than a decade of experience in delivering projection mapping, corporate stage, theatrical and architectural workflows. Recently we have extended this with mixed reality (XR) projects.

Even though these applications differ significantly, they all share a reference to a real world canvas that requires translation into an intelligible representation inside a design and production software.

A workflow also provides reassurance by defining the delivery formats for a given project. That is, by applying a well formed delivery the creative content is tested and verified. This step helps to Previz the work in progress and allow for faster creative feedback.

Hoover Dam - Content Template
Hoover Dam - Content Template
Example AV Wirechart
Example AV Wirechart

Typical Breakdown of our Process

  • Briefing about the use case, audience point of view, creative intention canvas venue & scheduling restrictions, live & offline participation etc.
  • Scan (laser/photogrammetry), data acquisition (high detail, high bandwidth)
  • Data validation and cleanup
  • Retopology for lightweight and highly accurate 3d models of the venue (high detail, low bandwidth)
  • Hardware and venue limitations for display hardware
  • Liaison with hardware vendors
  • Estimation of required resolutions, brightness for best results for audience or key point of view (can be a camera)
  • Estimation of hardware requirements based on the previous steps for highest performance and overhead planning.
  • Draft signal chart for video requirements, including possible onsite creative work
  • Transfer of all hardware and signalling findings into a minimum canvas size and performance requirements (frame rate, colour space, data capacity …)
  • Creation of 2D and 3D design templates in common programs
  • Setup for Previz and work in progress tools (web and office based as required)
  • Handover documentation and guidelines for creative teams
  • Further vendor liaison for hardware and software build (commission and testing of racks)
  • Delivery testing and further integration or example data streams from APIs, lighting or control signal routing and testing
  • Pre-programming of deliveries or test in media servers
  • Onsite installation, output mapping, programming and rehearsals, and delivery

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AV Workflow Projects

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649008 ford hosts winter festival michigan central station 1 lg
Ford Winter Festival
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Microsoft E3 2018
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We love working with clients and partners to realise ambitious, creative and memorable experiences.

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