DSC8286 HERO export
Detroit, January 2019

Ford 2020 Explorer Launch

For the Ford Explorer launch the concept was to ‘Explore America’ based around the insight that the nation took merely half of their entitled annual leave. We transformed Ford Field stadium in Detroit by projecting onto the floor with 20 projectors, creating a dynamic backdrop for the Ford Explorer as it drove across quintessential landscapes in real time.

We created rocky mountain scenes, dramatic beach dunes and serene forest landscapes for the real vehicles to interact with. The end result was a fully immersive experience that dramatically tapped into real cultural moments.

We also employed Notch to add interactive moments. These included splashes as the car drove through streams and tire marks as the new Explorer drove across the sand dunes.

Explorer Hau Charlotte Bodak MB 3911
Ford Explorer Beach
Explorer Line Up Charlotte Bodak MB 3823
Hackett Explorer

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