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Savannah, Georgia, October 2021

Gulfstream Showroom

In Autumn of 2021 we had the pleasure to install an incredibly personalised showroom experience for Spinifex LA. Their client Gulfstream had commissioned an art meets configurator installation for their Savannah sales space.

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Lets Fly

The excitement of this project is tangible. Working with planes is miraculous in any circumstance, but Gulfstreams philosophy and execution of excellence in engineering and artistry feels like the perfect brief to this workflow and animation.

The custom touch kiosk allows the sales team to tailor their presentations with greetings and personalised designs. It connects with a disguise media server and Crestron environmental control to always set the right mood.

Quality Control

The 5 laser projectors in the showroom combine into a single 3d mapping. Their continued alignment is assured by the interplay of pre-programmed cameras and training of the in-house team with a special kind of calibration tool.

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Spinifex, LA


Travis Swatner, Spinifex

Technical Director

Lang Walker, Spinifex

Delivery pipeline, AV workflow

dandelion + burdock

Hardware Integrator


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