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Hoover Dam, May 2015

VP Freightliner

The Hoover Dam, one of the top 10 engineering marvels of the world that sits high above the Colorado River on the border of Arizona and Nevada, was the chosen location for Freightliner to launch their new ground breaking autonomous truck, the Freightliner Infinite Inspiration.

We were brought in as technical consultants to figure out the best way to execute the project. Working with Creative Technology we established a content workflow and hardware plan. Using 61 projectors situated at the base of the dam we were able to project on the entire facade of the dam.

Presented in front of a live audience perched high above on the Dam’s observation deck, the event was also streamed to millions around the globe.

15 C466 105
15 C466 106
6 G5 A7756


Show Producer

SIAM productions, Creative Technology US

Show Director

OSK Communications

disguise Project Setup

dandelion + burdock

disguise Programmer & Operator

Ben Keightley

Senior Projectionist

Bob Loney

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