Volvo Artipelag-81
Stockholm, October 2014

Volvo XC90

When Volvo unveiled the XC90 in Stockholm in 2014 the project required the new car to be projection mapped. Projection mapping a car is relatively straightforward however for this project the car was to be rotating.

Brought in by video consultant studio BAJT, the project required 9 media servers from d3 Technologies to map the new car with blended real-time imagery from 3 different projectors, with another 12 projectors for the background and floor scenery.

To ensure a seamless wrap of the projection we created a model that was then unwrapped so the animation could be fed into it.

In order to project onto the rotating car, the rotation of the car’s turntable was encoded and sent to d3 as an Art-Net signal. “When the car’s platform rotated, so did the virtual one in d3,” says Bajt. “Using d3’s projection tools, such as QuickCal and Dynamic Blend, the car could therefore be mapped in realtime.”

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