London, September 2022

Volvo: Safety In Mind

dandelion + burdock were approached by the fantastic creative team at AKQA to collaborate on a first of it's kind virtual production film that would push the boundaries of real-time technology through the extensive use of highly choreographed particle simulations.

The visuals for the film were inspired by the EX90's LIDAR technology, which allowed dandelion + burdock to create a series of volumetric vignettes represented as point clouds. These scenes were linked with dynamic transitions that echo the intelligent and graceful motions of flocks of starlings. The scenes were comprised of up to 1 million particles, all simulated in Houdini, before being brought into Unreal Engine to playback in real-time on ARRI's state-of-the-art virtual production stage.

The end result was a sleekly designed film that formed the centre piece of Volvo's Safety In Mind campaign.

Shot at Arri's state-of-the-art mixed reality studio in the UK. Equipped with an LED volume comprising 343 square meters of LED wall, installed in partnership with NEP Live Events production and technical specialist firm Creative Technology, the studio is one of the biggest permanent mixed reality production spaces in Europe.

Arri Virtual Production Stage - London
Arri Virtual Production Stage - London




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