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Los Angeles, July 2015

Volkswagen At LAAS 2014

Appointed by agency George P Johnson Experience Marketing, dandelion + burdock were tasked with creating content for the Volkswagen stand at the Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS) 2014. This was no ordinary display. In fact it was an array of 12000 light fixtures that were to be suspended over the new hydrogen fuelled VW Golf. This 3D screen allowed us to create volumetric animations that would fill the cube with 3D animated shapes.

The GPJ team wanted to boldly underline the impact of VW’s debut to hydrogen cars by playing on the powers and poetry of water. We conveyed the trickling of water towards the car as though it were charging and then inverted this effect to portray the clean energy source. This unique installation accommpanied the animations on the main LED display that were created by our friends at Spinifex.

Creating the volumetric content had its own workflow challenges, so the production team decided to build a library of truly three dimensional effects and edit them onsite and in tandem with the lighting and screen content. This work was done on a d3 media server and rounded off with support from Creative Technology US.

What was special was that the installation, because of it's low resolution but bright display, could be seen from almost anywhere within the 720,000 sq ft convention hall.

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