London, September 2021

Pose XR

An original concept by FIA and dandelion + burdock, Pose XR is a virtual tool to art direct your own fashion shoot.

Featuring a series of volumetric videos, our model was captured in a variety of outfits in 360° and then integrated directly into an interactive 3D experience - all streamed through your web browser.

Pose XR - Demo

The real-time environment can be controlled in your web browser via a series of parameters with almost infinite possibilities. By providing a set of simple to use yet highly flexible tools, each virtual shoot can have wildly different outcomes. Even minimal changes to the colour palette and lighting of a scene will radically affect the mood and overall feel of the space. These unique moments can then be captured to keep and share.

Mixed reality and improvements in real-time content tools allow us to rethink our approach to alternative forms of content production. These trends are part of a greater push toward digital transformation and creating immersive experiences. With the evolution of virtual production, we believe that "free-viewpoints" and "reality" will be key elements in helping the virtual medium succeed.

Pose XR was launched at the Victoria and Albert Museum on the weekend of the 24th September 2021 as part of Digital Design Weekend and London Design Festival.

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"The explosion of interest in digital fashion and ‘the metaverse’ has largely, to date, focused on commerce. What has yet to be explored in any depth is the huge implications on creativity. PoseXR is a glimpse into the limitless boundaries of creating virtual worlds."

Matthew Drinkwater
The Fashion Innovation Agency
Pose xr style b3

There were several key objectives for us on this project. The first was to demonstrate a creative output for reality capture for use by media production houses, event providers, fashion brands and innovators, and stakeholders in the creative arts. We used realistic, volumetric video captures to showcase the possibilities of the technology.

We also used this project as a way to showcase the power of a customisable 3D experience streamed in the browser. This distribution method will enable users to access the experience no matter what device they are using. We will also target a solution whereby the viewer will be able to download the setting they have created in the form of a GIF or video.

"The advent of new and emerging technology offers exciting opportunities to alter the way that the fashion industry is making, showcasing and retailing products. The key to success lies in creating compelling brand differentiation."

Niall Thompson
dandelion + burdock
Pose xr style d3
Pose xr style e5


Original Concept

The Fashion Innovation Agency & dandelion + burdock


Jade McSorley

Art Direction

Dickon Knowles at dandelion + burdock

3D Artist

Alec Strang

Unity Development

Ivaylo Getov at dandelion + burdock

Project Director & Web Design

Niall Thompson at dandelion + burdock

Interactive Development

Joel Bradbury at dandelion + burdock

Volumetric Video

The London College of Fashion

Volumetric Video Plugin


V&A Museum Curator

Marc Barto

With thanks to

Oriole Cullen

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