The Bahamas, December 2019

Ocean Cay Lighthouse

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve is MSC Cruises’ new private island located in The Bahamas that features uninterrupted sweeping views of crystal blue waters and over two miles of pristine beachfront spread across eight world class beaches allowing guests to connect with the natural environment and its beauty, feel the warmth, fun, and hospitality of the Bahamian spirit and immerse themselves in an ecologically-intelligent atmosphere.

dandelion + burdock created a series of motion graphics to wrap around the iconic structure. The two custom designed light shows tell the story of the Marine Reserve and MSC’s dedication to conservation. The first celebrates the island life; the flora, fauna, butterflies, and birds.⁠ The second delves into the crystal blue ocean, telling the story of the marine life.⁠

After sunset, the area around the iconic 30-metre red-and-white lighthouse comes to life. Guests will be able to enjoy a light show that can be experienced from the bar, or those wishing for a more chilled atmosphere they can watch the show from the beach around one of the firepits.

Developed by The Department, the lighthouse is purposely built to withstand the highwinds and sea salty island air. The structure has 20,000 LED pixels, 47 moving heads, and 6km cabling - enough to wrap around the island 3 times.

Ocean Cay is founded on a deep commitment to ecological principles that shape everything from how the venues are built and how the island is run, to the kinds of activities featured on the island.

Ocean cay MSC marine reserve
Ocean cay MSC marine reserve



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