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London, April 2013

Nokia Lumia

For the highly anticipated launch of Nokia’s Lumia 800 smartphone the front of London’s Millbank Tower was completely transformed for an impressive projection mapping show.

Projected 340 metres across the River Thames in London onto a 100m high tower, sixteen projectors turned the iconic building into a mesmerising series of animations.

One of the defining moments for projection mapping in 2011 we were brought in as specialists by Drive Productions to consult on a feasibility study. Following this we worked on the retopology of the 3d model which would form the basis of the animation template for the show.

Overseeing the animation workflow we also created three scenes within the animation.

The official YouTube film has had over 7 million views, with over 1 million occurring within 4 days of the event. The Nokia Lumia launch went on to win Best Event of the Year at the IVCA Awards.

D3 millbank
Millbank transform 01
Nokia millbank




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