Nyfol2014 011
Manhattan Bridge, New York, June 2014

New York Festival of Light

On a cold winter’s night in Brooklyn, as part of the first year of the New York Festival of Light, we debuted "Aggregate" a bespoke animation that was projected and mapped onto Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo.

The piece was part of a curated Initiations collection by Leo Kuelbs, John E Parker & Farkas Fülop from 3Search and Glowing Bulbs and also featured work from Bordos, Integrated Visions and Robert Seidel.

“Aggregate” is very literally a mix of visual ideas all thrown together which allowed us to combine character animation, strong abstracted forms and architectural shapes together with new music from composerJohannes Grosz. The main intent behind the animation was to convey motion into the anchorage of the bridge and along its surface all while subtly hinting towards the form and structure of the bridge itself.


Curatorial Team


Animation for 'Aggregate'

dandelion + burdock

Music & Composition

Johannes Grosz

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