Las Vegas, November 2021

Mazda CX50 Launch Shoot

The Mazda CX50 launch event was a virtual product reveal that gave the Mazda's in-house team a first look at their new vehicle.

Set Creative approached dandelion + burdock to create a series of immersive, interactive locations that would form the backgrounds for the presentation. Captured on a virtual production stage, Mazda's new vehicle was transported into a series of lush forest locations and presenters were transported into designs rooms overlooking alpine views.

All content was designed and created in-house to run in real-time inside Unreal Engine. Dynamic lighting and optional weather scenarios were among the list of requirements as the forest would have to been seen in both Summer and Winter states. The LED screen allowed the vehicle to be captured in a truly immersive shoot, as glass windows and reflective surfaces could all be captured in-camera without the need for extensive post-production.

The result was a visually rich, confident production that presented the Mazda CX50 within beautiful natural environments captured with real-time technology.

Mazda Still 02
Mazda Still 01
Mazda Still 03
Mazda Still 04
Mazda Still 05
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