Miami, February 2015

Form & Substance

Depths & Depravity was a large scale projection against the Intercontinental Hotel, located on the shores of Biscayne Bay, Miami. The Bay is a primal, natural environment that abuts one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, bringing marine life in close contact with bustling city life. This work considers the impact of external influence on Miami’s rich and diverse marine life and brings the two together on the canvas of the building.

Drawing inspiration from the building's location, we conjured plumes of colourful, vibrant fluids that consumed the tall building on the water’s edge. Through these slow, magical forms, which at times looked like smoke or sediment, sea life swam gracefully on a vertical surface on the man-made structure, as they do in the water below, sauntering in and out, creating silhouettes and leaving trails of colour in their wake. This work brought to life for the city a thriving, underwater world that most do not see or consider on a daily basis.

Visible from across the bay in Downtown Miami, the projection is a stark reflection on the contrast between the built environment and the natural world, co-existing in this unique place, and made even more powerful by Udit Duseja’s eerie score.

Accompanying this was another projection against Henry Moore's Spindle sculpture in the lobby of the hotel. Projected from all angles

The piece forms part of Form and Substance during Art Basel 2015, which aims to highlight one of the most exciting new techniques in contemporary art and expose the audience to the forefront of art innovation.



Form & Substance Curators

Bryan Dodson and Michelle Penland Dodson, Joel Fitzpatrick, Brian Blessinger, John Ensor Parker, Danny Whetstone, Max Lauter

Executive Producer

Integrated Visions Productions

Projection Mapping Production

DWP Live

3D Laser Scan

Darling Geomatics

3D Workflow

Nils Porrmann, dandelion + burdock

Projection Mapping Animation

dandelion + burdock

Creative Direction

Dickon Knowles, dandelion + burdock

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