London, November 2020

Ford E-Transit

Ford unveiled the all electric version of Britain's most popular van during a live broadcast using Mixed Reality (XR) technologies.

Continuing our partnership with creative agency Imagination, we developed a series of XR moments to accompany the live broadcast.

For the main reveal of the Ford E-Transit we made use of Unreal Engine's powerful photo-real render engine and rigging system, allowing us to import animated FBX's with 200+ bones used manipulate the vehicle's key components in realtime. We animated a dynamic reveal sequence as the new E-Transit formed from the inside out.

We then presented the Ford E-Transit's new features including; charging stations, fully customisable cargo bays, onboard Pro Power pack, Wi-FI Connectivity and a host of driver assist features.

We used Notch's intuitive motion graphic toolset to create two holographic moments that gave greater insight into Ford's future plans and to illustrate how the E-Transit will allow businesses of every size adopt a more efficient and environmentally friendly fleet.

Our digital globe showed a connected future and our holographic table provided a series of customer insights that highlight how the Ford E-Transit provides benefits to it's customers.

These assets were integrated into Imagination's new virtual event platform Ford Horizon. Built on Unreal Engine, the immersive XR studio combines real-time graphics and augmented reality with live presenters.

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