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August 2017

Fitbit Ionic

We created a product trailer for the launch of the Fitbit Ionic™, a motivating timepiece packed with fitness guidance, health insights, music storage, apps & more.

Created to showcase the design and inner workings of the modern smartwatch the animation also featured references to space - a key inspiration to the styling behind the device.

This project was a great opportunity to work on an intricate industrial model and bring narrative elements into the animation to creatively reveal the main features.

The Fitbit Ionic boasts a nano-moulded body, crisp graphics on the amplified bright screen, NFC payments, a GPS antenna as well as Fitbit trademark heart rate monitor. To top it off the device is capable of running apps, storing music and is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Our process began with storyboarding the animation and devising the narrative directly with Fitbit's creative team.

With this in place we created a series of test frames to make sure the materials and textures would match the yet to be released product.

Next steps were to create style frames to communicate our creative vision. These then led to wireframe animatics so we could work on the camera motion and rhythm of the piece.

With an edit locked we could work on producing music drafts and sfx samples.

Designed as a teaser trailer, the animation opens with macro shots of the edges and details of the device against darkness.

Dramatically lit and coupled with the eerie score starts to build as we see the new smartwatch against the corona of a planet.

This explodes revealing the inner workings of the watch as we go through a series of sequences showcasing the features.

The piece was debuted at IFA 2017 in Berlin and also features in the main demo video.

Sequence Images

Ionic 01
Ionic 03
Ionic 04
Ionic 02

Excerpts of the product animation were featured in the main product demo video.




Creative Direction & Animation

dandelion + burdock

Motion Director

Dickon Knowles, dandelion + burdock

Production Company

CT Digital

Music & SFX

Jude Greenaway

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