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The advent of new and emerging technology offers exciting opportunities to alter the way that the fashion industry is making, showcasing and retailing products to this captive audience. Designers are exploring new ways to promote collections and reach customers to adapt to the age of social media and e-commerce.

The industry will change more in the next 5 years than it has in over one hundred, all driven by technology. We all know fashion is the last industry to go digital. There is a tsunami of articles and posts around 3D and other digital solutions, but the real problem has been the failure to interact with the consumer.

dandelion + burdock have been experimenting with a range of different options around digital fashion leveraging their skills as 3D artists, software developers and event producers. The old rules of design, manufacturing, marketing and customer service don’t work in a post-COVID world.

This is where brands can truly break free of the typical fashion cycle.

The “see now”, “buy now” debate failed because it just moved the goalposts. Collections were still conceived up to a year in advance and wholesalers still had to commit to product prior to the show.

Post COVID-19 the debate has moved to “Buy now, wear now”. A group of fashion brands and retailers want to realign fashion deliveries with real-world seasons or move Autumn/Winter seasons to August, and Spring/Summer to July.

The problem with this is seasons are not the same everywhere in the world. Brands should release themselves of all the self-imposed limitations to bring the industry forward and break from seasonal deliveries all together. Afterall, it is not how the global consumer shops anymore. Why not make your own rules?

"With modern 3D software we can simulate the way a garment moves so that it's true to life. This added dimensionality gives the consumer a better visual understanding and compatibility with the item."

Dickon Knowles
dandelion + burdock

This is where the virtual runway can truly differentiate brand experience, optimize product sell-through rates and increase consumer loyalty.

Creating virtual runways or digital catwalks combined with “see now, buy now” e-commerce capabilities empowers labels to break free of the typical fashion cycle. At these events everyone gets a front row seat in an interactive digital venue. These live streamed digital events create a dialogue, extending the brand experience. It makes digital fashion feel more attainable. Virtual runway collections can be presented as live streams, virtual reality (VR) apps or augmented reality (AR) projects.

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