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Previz is proprietary software that we have developed to plan and preview media content in a real-time and interactive 3D environment. It allows us to design creatively, plan effectively and communicate confidently - all in a web browser.

It’s designed to complement and enhance the planning, pre-production and production workflows of creatives, technical directors and scenic designers who work on live entertainment projects, events, broadcasts, theatre shows, and installations.

Previz integrates systems and data together that have previously been been siloed into different team responsibilities. Our software combines and integrates 3D scene data, production images and video assets, and content timelines. Changes are shared with the team, allowing visibility throughout every stage of a production for team members, owners and clients.

The Value of Previsualisation

1. We’re changing how teams and clients work together.

Previz can replace expensive hardware and software requirements for production teams. Clients using Previz have seen significant savings in both time and costs by using Previz to streamline their workflows.

The ability to share and walkthrough a fully interactive 3D view of your production at any time, from anywhere, within the team and with clients, provides clarity and alignment, which helps decisions get made faster, and ensures productions run smoother.

2. We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and what’s expected

What we’ve built has exceeded our expectations, and opened the field to new possibilities that would have been inconceivable just a few years ago. VR, AR, multi-user synchronized views and more : we’re on the cutting edge of what’s possible and pushing the technology forwards.

Technological Innovation

We’re shifting the focus of the whole industry away from heavy hardware and custom systems, to connecting the tools we already use via the cloud. Previz provides a powerful advantage to clients and production companies that want to adopt new technologies and workflows to win more pitches, create better presentations and deliver better projects.

By moving the workflow to the cloud, we can enable collaborative working models that just haven’t been possible until now. This is especially important for any team working globally with clients.

We’re also pushing what’s possible in the VR space - by utilising recent developments with WebVR technology. Using this technology, we can render immersive, interactive 3D environments using little more than the client’s mobile device and a VR headset.

From a workflow perspective this enables animation teams to see what their work looks like at scale. In addition, it also allows designers and creative directors to impress during presentations.

User Benefit

Previz has been designed to create better experiences. It’s been conceived to improve the collaborative working environment and communication of different event professionals, wherever they may be.

Previz overhauls how teams can work internally. It's a web based tool with nothing required to install, but allows the team to pull their siloed tools and resources, and combine them at every stage of a production.

For example - if a project lead wanted to see how a 3D scene looked after a round of changes, before using Previz their workflow would have either required physically going to their designer's workstation to go over changes in their 3D application, or finding the latest version of the scene, importing it locally and manually reviewing in their own copy of the application, or worse - having the designer take screenshots or video walkthroughs to check changes.

With Previz that's seamless - changes from the designer are synced to the project online, and the project lead can view the latest version direct on his machine (or tablet / phone) and feedback directly to the designer. Exactly the same applies to the project images and video content - the design team can see exactly how they look in context, with no extra tools or hardware requirements.

Clients can see the state of their projects without having to rely on screenshots or video walkthroughs. This makes them feel more included throughout the production process.

Right now, Previz is saving teams hours of wasted busy work and miscommunication, helping win new projects, and save thousands in unnecessary software licensing costs.

Previz was used throughout the nine month pre-production phase for the Fast & Furious Live show.

DSC 5347
The Previz team takes home the award for best collaborative environment of the year at the AV Awards.
The Previz team takes home the award for best collaborative environment of the year at the AV Awards.


Previz has been used successfully by a number of production companies around the world for various shows and events. These include the touring stadium show for “The Fast & Furious”, the launch of the new Land Rover Velar, the Fitbit Ionic announcement at CES, Turner Network Upfronts in New York and the Bafta award-winning World War One Remembered: Passchendaele. More recently Previz has been used for LinkedIn’s Talent Intelligence Conference and Microsoft’s XBox announcement at E3.

It’s used predominantly by creative agencies and production companies who wish to collaborate with clients to share their creative vision in scenic environments.

The global reach of Previz now includes customers in Australia, United Kingdom, USA, South Africa, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Greece, Russia, Argentina, Egypt, South Korea, Italy, Canada, Norway, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Croatia, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil and the Netherlands.

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