October 2014


With a diverse range of directors and huge experience in the delivery of TV commercials, online content and music videos, FRIEND's roster offers both well-established and fresh, new talent.

Kicking off 2014 in style they decided to modify their website for the modern era. To do this we worked with their existing design retrofitting it so it was responsive and the design would flow between mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Another key design factor was to minimise the number of clicks a user would need to go through to just view content. To solve this key content would need to be visible on the home page.

However this presented some serious challenges because their modular layout sits on top of a very strict grid and responsive design likes fluid and flexible.

What also made the layout tricky was the fact that each thumbnail image is set to expand to reveal autoplaying video content which affects the grid.

The formula to create the complex layout was achieved using a combination of Packery (for the intelligent reordering of grid items), MixItUp (for the live filtering) and custom javascript to tie it all together.

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Elliott Sencan