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August 2020

Year In Review: 2015

2015 was an important milestone in the company’s history as we’ve been in business for a decade! Throughout these ten years the business has transformed from a small graphic design studio into a modern digital design and technology company. We have made great friends along the way as well as working with some of the most esteemed brands, agencies and production companies around the world. For this we are extremely grateful and we share this milestone with you.

New Studios

To mark this milestone we moved from our warehouse studio, where we had been since incorporating the company, into offices overlooking Regent’s Canal and the Olympic Stadium.

This year also saw us officially open our second branch of dandelion + burdock in Los Angeles, California. LA, the city where nothing seems impossible, is an important hub for us because of it’s position in the entertainment industry and it’s proximity to San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Olympic Stadium London 30 July 2012

Our new London Headquarters overlooks the Lea Canal and the Olympic Stadium.

Los Angeles at Night.

Nike Rise 2.0

One of the first projects born out of the new office was an interactive project for Nike Rise 2.0 in China. Tasked with progressing the concept of an interactive led basketball court, Nike, AKQA and Artisan brought us on board to help with the live data visualisations for the court. Built in HTML, CSS and JS the  website was loaded directly in d3 via the Web Module where it pulled live tracking data and statistics from Blacktrax via a custom api. Different data visualisations could then be run and keyframed via custom javascript parameters in the d3 timeline.

The resulting LED court is a vibrant, interactive environment that is at the forefront of technology and experiential design; helping harness and encourage players’ passion for basketball.

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Nike Rise 2.0

Partner Up!

We’ve been working with Dickon Knowles since 2007. Having freelanced with us for a number of years he became a partner of dandelion + burdock in the Summer of 2015 where he now leads the Animation & Motion Graphics department. Dickon has produced work for Land Rover, Swarovski and Red Bull. His personable management style, down to earth nature and animation expertise has made him an indispensable, influential part of the team. 

Dickon’s background is in creating tour and show visuals for artists and his resume includes impressive work for Stereophonics, Kylie Minogue, Queens of the Stone Age and multiple acts on X Factor. 

Dickon’s first goal when he joined the company was to be responsible for creating and overseeing an entire tour which he successfully completed with the Bring It All Back tour for UK pop group S Club 7.

Film 03

Breaking World Records

It’s no secret that we know our stuff when it comes to projection mapping but when we were approached by Creative Technology for their project with VP Freighliner we knew that this was a completely different situation. The brief was simply to figure out how to project onto the Hoover Dam, one of the industrial wonders of the world.

The short answer is that to cover the 420,000 square feet surface we needed 60 projectors between 20,000 and 26,000 lumens  synchronized to create a single seamless image with a resolution of 4592 x 2048 pixels on the dam half a mile away.

The project broke several world records becoming the largest and brightest projection project certified by the Guiness Book of Records.

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Projection mapping the Hoover Dam


One of the defining characteristics of dandelion + burdock is that we have created a culture internally where learning, innovating and working with new technologies is as important as anything else we do. This year that has been especially important and we have invested time into a new software project centered around previsualisation as well as our first hardware product both of which will be released in Q2 in 2016.

One of our goals for the year ahead is to talk more about our work, write articles and share knowledge via tutorials. This is hopefully one of many articles to follow.

Here’s to 2016!

By Niall Thompson